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Tax Planning

Our company offers tax planning services to help forecast how much you will save or pay at the end of the fiscal year. This option is ideal for those who prefer to pay estimates throughout the year rather than just once at the end of the year.

Tax Planning is taking advantage of all the tax knowledge and tools at your disposal before December 31 in order to estimate your income taxes, qualify for the right credits, deduct the most expenses, and ultimately to reduce your taxable income and pay less taxes. Plan your taxes now and save money at tax time.

There are two main ways to save money on taxes:

1.    Tax Deductions, which lower your taxable income, and

2.    Tax Credits, which lower your taxes dollar-for-dollar.

Why Plan Now?

*       Maybe you don't want to worry about tax planning because your living situation has not changed from last year.

*       Maybe you don't want to spend the time to plan because your tax return is not due until April 15 of next year.

*       Maybe tax planning just bores you! But a little planning now can save you money next year-- and we all like saving money!

*       Tax planning should really take place all throughout the year, but it is not too late to start.

*       Even though your tax return will not be submitted until April of next year, you only have until December 31 of this year to qualify for any tax deductions and tax credits.

*       Take action now to claim deductions and credits on your next tax return and have your best tax year ever!