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  • Heights Financial Services
    Heights Financial Services specializes in small business bookkeeping and income tax preparation related to Individuals, Corporations, LLC’s and Estates.

  • About Us
    We specialize in small business accounting and income tax related to Individuals, Partnerships and Corporations. We utilize complete electronic filings services with the State of Texas, US Treasury and Internal Revenue Service.

    • Leonard Kasowski

    • Jeff Kasowski
      Jeff Kasowski is a graduate of the University of Houston where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business and Commerce with an emphasis in Accounting. His clients include small sole-proprietor operations, corporations and not-for-profit organizations.

    • Chris Cagley

  • Income Tax
    We calculate all tax credits that would apply to your situation. Working together to lower your overall tax liability to the lowest possible level.

  • Bookkeeping
    We prepare the documents required by the State of Texas necessary to start operations and provide ongoing bookkeeping and tax preparation support. We are able to set up and manage your online periodic sales and payroll tax filings.

  • Tax Planning
    Tax Planning is taking advantage of all the tax knowledge and tools at your disposal before December 31 in order to estimate your income taxes, qualify for the right credits, deduct the most expenses, and ultimately to reduce your taxable income and pay less taxes.

  • Tax Issues
    With over 60 years of combined Income Tax preparation filing experience, HFS is well prepared to assist with all your tax related needs.

  • Estate & Retirement
    One particular aspect of our business is that of estate tax and retirement planning. We strive to listen to each individuals needs and desires and help them develop a plan that is most advantageous to them and their heirs.

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  • Contact Us
    We have temporarily relocated to The Preserve at 2050 North Loop West, Suite 115 Houston, Texas 77018.

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